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As a young girl Alysa has always dreamed of being on a farm.  Her heartbeat is to live a healthy lifestyle based on sustainable living.  Alysa dreams up the ideas for the business and creates a design around them.  You will find her always moving the business forwards, and she will not stop until the details are complete with a personal touch. Alysa is constantly learning knew things in the world of farming, living naturally, homesteading and designing dream weddings. She is the oldest of the 5 Hauser children.  Along with many things Alysa enjoys hanging out with her husband and 3 dogs, being outdoors and like the rest of her family drinking coffee!

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Elaine has always had a heart to gather people.  Her vision behind the company goes hand in hand with her life motto; to make people feel welcomed, loved and nourished.  She has raised 5 children to know the value of community around the dinner table; something she's held onto from her own childhood.  Although never a country girl, Elaine has come to love the property and all the abundance it has to offer her family and anyone she meets.  If you come to the farm you'll see her tending to her garden, creating meals from its bounty, or nurturing the farm animals she has come to adore.  No matter what she is doing Elaine will stop to have a good chat and to give you a small word of encouragement. She ranks her love for people at the top of her list and will push you towards your full potential no matter what.

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You will see Paul roaming the farm looking for lawn to mow.  Always his desire to live on a farm, he got his dream the day we moved to the property.  Paul is the head visionary and works hard to make the dreams of his family come true.  You will never see coffee far from his hand and he'll always stop what he's doing to have a good chat! In his spare time he repairs vehicles, chops firewood and watches the history channel.

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Natalya is our tent manager. She deals with all the ongoings in the tent the day of the wedding. She is driven, motivated and loves all things wedding! Her true loves in life are volleyball, music, living a healthy lifestyle and drinking a good cup of coffee!

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Hayden  is the youngest of the 5 Hauser kids.  He is our main care taker of the farm animals and his love for the dogs is undeniable. Hayden is a great helper and we couldn't do it without him.  His hobbies are riding his quad, playing video games, basketball and guitar.



Jonny is our in house bartender.  He is the main face you'll see the day of the wedding!  His main objective is to make people feel welcome and to ensure our couples have a great day.  Jonny lives here on the farm with his wife Alysa and 3 dogs, Jaeger, Addley, and Slater. He is most passionate about sports, the gym and his dogs.

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Sam is our production manager, you'll find him running from place to place doing whatever job needs to get done. His priority is to make sure the couples have the most memorable day and that guests are comfortable. We rely on him to keep things moving around here!  In his free time he enjoys checking out skateparks in the area and going to the beach



Jessica has been a friend of the family for almost 27 years. She is the one responsible for all the beautiful photos on the website as well as the majority on our social media!  She loves to travel, go boating, and  enjoy brunch. Jessica lives in the Fraser Valley with her Husband, Daughter and dog Theo!

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